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Custom Built Hunting Rig
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Because each hunting rig Hubert's Welding manufactures is custom made, the client plays an important part of the design process. We actively encourage our customer's input when it comes to the design and manufacture of their hunting rig. This helps to ensure a truly custom hunting rig and complete customer satisfaction.

Whether your looking for a custom deer, quail, or combination hunting rig, Hubert's Welding can build a hunting rig to your specifications and satisfaction. For example, we have built custom trailers that can accommodate 30+ dogs, with 3 bench seats for guest or hunters.

Our custom made hunting rigs are typically mounted on the chassis of a double cab truck, however jeeps, single and extended cab trucks can be outfitted as well. This allows our customers the flexibility to design their rig from the ground up.

Additionally, both aluminum and steel-hunting rigs are available, however due to corrosion issues, the resulting maintenance (sand blasting & painting every couple of years) makes the aluminum hunting rigs a more viable and recommended choice. Hubert's Welding also offers a wide array of options such as captains' chairs, bench seats, custom made gun scabbards, power sources for cell phones, and / or varmint callers.

The choice of the hunting rigs chassis, materials, and optional equipment provides our customers the flexibility to design and build a hunting rig that both meets their needs while staying within their budget. So, feel free to call or stop in to discuss your ideas on the design of your custom built hunting rig.

Our design or yours, Hubert's Welding is committed to customer satisfaction.


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